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Meet your Coach, Pravin Malaviya

Pravin Malaviya is the creator of, one of the Shortest & Easiest Pencil Art Techniques in the world – Matita Mastery, which helps people to become “Hyper-Realistic Pencil Artists”, without any “Art Skills” & “Expensive Art Tools” in just a few months.

He is Self-taught Hyper Realistic Portrait Artist, Charcoal Artist, Fabric Painting Artist, Pencil Color Artist, Wall paint Artist & Oil painting Artist for the last 7 years.

Over the past 4 years, he guided Thousands of students with his Matita Mastery Techniques and help them to become Hyper-Realistic Pencil Artists.

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Yes, with the help of these communities, you can sharpen your art skills fast. Also, you can get commissioned work, sponsorships, and features with the help of a strong community.

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